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Food Freshness Customized Industrial Water Chiller , Low Temperature Chiller

Food Freshness Customized Industrial Water Chiller , Low Temperature Chiller

Food Freshness Customized  Industrial Water Chiller , Low Temperature Chiller

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Detailed Product Description
Compressor: Bitzer/Copeland Refrigeration Parts: Danfoss
Electrical Parts: Schneider/LS Refrigerants: R404A/R407C/R507A
Capacity: 40L Application: Food Freshness Industry
Product Type: Water Chiller System

Food Freshness Customized Industrial Water Chiller , Low Temperature Chiller


Fretures of ALLCOLD Water Chiller System

1. ALLCOLD Water Chiller Machine adopts microcomputer for adjusting water temperature and is easy to operate. Temperature of water chilled can be as low as 0.5.

2. Low-temperature evaporator is moderately designed in sheet structure, effortlessly cleaned up.

3. Special processing technology so greatly improves the heat exchanging efficiency that water can be cooled down rapidly. Smooth and stable heat exchanging to guarantee balancing water temperature with little fluctuation.

4. It boasts the outstanding advantage of energy saving.

5. Small-sized volume and light make it convenient to move.

6. Daily water treating capacity ranges from 0.5m3/hr - 200m3/hr.

7. Stainless steel large volume thermal buffer tank as standard

8. 100% non-ferrous water circuit.

9. Microprocessor control and alarm fault display

10. Weatherproofed for external site.

11. Coated fins to protect the condensers from corrosion

12. Strong galvanized epoxy coated steel frame construction

13. Improved component positioning for easy service access

14. Heavy duty fan suitable for low ambient operation

15. compressor: Maneurop. Copeland, Bitzer
16. High-low pressure switch: Danfoss
17. Electronic expansion valve: Danfoss



Water Chiller System Application

Industrial water chillers are widely used in industrial production processes, for example:

1 Plastics Industry: precise control of the various temperature plastic processing, plastic beer shorten cycle to ensure product quality and stability.

2 Electronics industry: a stable internal molecular structure of electronic components in the production line to improve the pass rate of electronic components, ultrasonic cleaning industry, effectively preventing costly volatile and volatile cleaning agent brings harm.

3 Electroplating industry: Control plating temperature, increasing the density of plating and smooth, shorten plating cycle, increase productivity, improve product quality.

4 Machinery Industry: Control hydraulic system pressure oil temperature, hydraulic oil temperature stability, prolong oil life, improve the efficiency of machinery lubrication and reduce friction.

5 Construction industry: Frozen water supply concrete for the concrete requirements of the molecular structure suitable for construction purposes, effectively enhance the hardness and toughness of concrete.

6 Vacuum Coating: Control temperature vacuum coating machine to ensure high quality plating.

7 Food industry: food processing for high speed after cooling to adapt packaging requirements. Another fermented food temperature control.

8 Chemical Fiber Industry: freeze drying air, to ensure product quality.



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