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Fresh Vegetables / Fruits preservation Plate Ice Machine , Plate Ice Maker Equipment

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Detail Information

Compressor: Bitzer/Copeland Refrigeration Parts: Danfoss
Electrical Parts: Schneider/LS Refrigerants: R404A/R407C/R507A
Cooling Type: Air/Water/Evaporative Cooling Product Type: Plate Ice Machine
Application: Fresh Vegetables And Fruits Capacity: 10 Tons Capacity

Product Description

Fresh Vegetables / Fruits preservation Plate Ice Machine , Plate Ice Maker Equipment



Plate ice introduction

Plate ice is a kind of irregular sheet ice with about 40×40mm~80×80mm in size, and 10 mm~15mm in thickness. The thickness can be adjusted according to ice-making time with the maximum gauge being 25mm. Plate ice is a kind of thick and transparent ice which has good air permeability and a long shelf life. Small capacity from 1tons to 10tons day offered.



Plate ice machine applications
1 Aquatic product processing, cooling,preserving and transportation
2 Edible ice making factory
3 Port ice making factory
4 Chemical projects and dye cooling and temperature reduction
5 Medical treatment and medicine
6 Cooling, temperature reduction and preservation, etc.
7 Cold storage central air conditioner
8 Cold water temperature reduction system



Plate ice machine conditions
Electrical require: Full electric system complying
With the general international standard
Standard condition: Water inlet temp.16°C Amibenttemp. 25°C
Application condition: Ambient temp.5°C~40°C water temp. 5°C~35°C
Special condition: Ambient temp.-30°C~60°C water temp.5°C~46°C
Ice thickness: 10~12mm
Refrigerant: R717,R22 ,R404A,R507A


Plate ice machine feature
1. ALLCOLD plate ice ranges from 5mm to 30mm (wherein, 15mm to 30mm is specially designed) in thickness and 20mm to 50mm in width and has no fixed shape. Its thickness and width maybe freely adjusted according to use.
2. ALLCOLD plate ice boasts even cooling effect, good ventilation, and even constant refrigeration temperature. So it is very suitable for refrigerating aquatic products.
3. As transparent crystal, ALLCOLD plate ice doesn't melt easily, so it can be stored for a longer time. Ordinary ice is opaque since it contains air bubbles and impurities and is small in density, soft in texture and likely to melt. However, ALLCOLD plate ice is pure in color and luster, hard, transparent, dry and powerless. Due to small surface area, it achieves better cold storage effect and spends 30% more time in melting than other types of ice.
4. ALLCOLD plate ice fully conforms to the certification requirements of HACCP and FDA. It can be applied to such fields as ice cold storage air conditioners, edible ice, aquatic foods, chemical industry, etc.



Plate ice machine evaporator feature

Plate ice evaporator mainly fall into two kinds, namely, aluminium alloy plate ice evaporator and stainless steel plate ice evaporator. Plate ice evaporator adopts direct expansion systems and use R-22, R507A, R404A or ammonia (NH3) as the cooling medium.
1. Evaporator manufactured with special technologies
The 735mm*1445mm large-sized evaporator is manufactured of pure stainless steel with the world's most sophisticated laser-welding technologies.

2. Special water circulation system
The raw material water flows evenly on the surface of the evaporator, and gathers into the water tank through the special water trough at the bottom of the evaporator. Then the water is pumped to the water distributor in the top of the evaporator and returns to the surface of the evaporator to freeze.

3. Mode of peeling ice at a high speed and without additional heat
It's unnecessary to introduce hot gas from outside since the hot Freon gas produced by the plate ice machine itself is fed into the plate ice evaporator.

4. Modular design
The machine body adopts steel welding and galvanized structure, which boasts anti-corrosion, high stability, and can ensure good running in various hard working conditions.


Plate Ice Machine Operation
When the refrigeration system begins operating normally, the water in the tank below is transported from the cold water tank to the cold water sprinkler by the cold water pump. It is then evenly sprinkled on the surface of the evaporator. Through the cycle working of the refrigerant, some water is created into plate ice, while the water which does not become ice returns to the cold water tank below and waits for the next water cycle. After a period of time the water cycle and refrigeration stops and the water and overheating refrigerants gas begin a heat exchange with the plate ice at the same time. The plate ice then loses adhesive force and the ice drops into the ice crushing gadget due to gravity. After the ice is off the water temperature becomes low and it returns into the water sink waiting the next cycle.


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