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Bread vacuum cooling machine

April 26, 2021

Latest company news about Bread vacuum cooling machine

Bread vacuum cooling machine, the use of vacuum cooling technology can effectively promote the high temperature processed baked products in a short time to cool down quickly,Bacteria multiply easily through temperature bands, so as to extend the storage period, ensure the nutrition of food.When the internal pressure of the device is changed, the expansion of bread volume does not stop at the low pressure stage.With the in-depth research on vacuum cooling technology, it is believed that vacuum cooling technology will have a wider application in food processing, strengthen the research on the principle of bread vacuum cooling machine, and expand its application scope in the food industry.Vacuum treatment chamber is vacuum treatment tank, usually divided into cylinder and box.When the temperature of the dough rises, the internal pressure is not uniform. When the temperature of the bread drops, the internal pressure decreases.Details of the vacuum cooling machine for food bread can be found on the Internet. The main components of the vacuum cooling device are composed of four parts: vacuum processing chamber, vacuum system, refrigeration system and control system.The inner material is made of SUS304 stainless steel according to the nature of the cooling items.The outer side shall be welded and sprayed with high strength anti-rust materials of rectangular steel tube and channel steel.The vacuum system is the air extraction system, which consists of the vacuum pump and the pipeline. After connecting the power supply and the pipeline on site, the PLC program control system can realize the full automatic control.The refrigeration system includes matching semi-closed screw compressor or piston compressor, condenser, evaporator and gas, oil, liquid reservoir and refrigeration pipeline.

Bread vacuum cooling machine details can consult relevant sales personnel installation refrigeration units often choose water cooling, air cooling compression condensing family, large units are often used and contact units or press the system.Vacuum cooling is a technology that uses the special environment of vacuum to make water vaporize and absorb heat by reducing the boiling point of water, so as to realize rapid cooling.Characteristics of bread vacuum fast cooling machine: Different from ordinary cooling machine, vacuum cooling refers to rapid cooling in a short period of time. cooling aging is determined according to the nature of the cooled matter, usually a few minutes or hours.In vacuum cooling, water is used as a refrigerant.Because the latent heat of water evaporation is large and does not cause pollution, it is an ideal refrigerant to meet the needs of environmental protection.Vacuum cooling machine according to the vacuum cooling technology designed and developed by the rapid cooling of advanced equipment


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