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Vacuum cooler

April 26, 2021

Latest company news about Vacuum cooler

Compared with the traditional way of heat transfer (convection, conduction, radiation), vacuum cooling is not only rapid and uniform, but also clean and hygienic, which is very suitable for the cooling of cooked food and the cooling of fruits and vegetables.

For example, cooked food must be cooled before it can be packaged. The traditional cooling methods include indoor cooling natural cooling, forced ventilation cooling, air conditioning room cooling, and cold storage cooling.These cooling methods not only have long cooling time, slow turnover, large space, uneven cooling, large temperature difference between the surface and the center, but more importantly, affect food hygiene and safety.

Vacuum cooling can realize the uniform temperature, clean and free from contamination during the cooling process of agricultural products and food, which can ensure the quality of food.And because of the short treatment time, there is no local drying, dehydration phenomenon.At the same time, due to the short cooling process time, the corresponding equipment operation energy consumption and cost is significantly reduced compared with the traditional refrigeration equipment. In addition, the increased load caused by the heat infiltration of the surrounding environment caused by the long cooling time can be greatly reduced.It is very convenient and fast in the practice of production, so it has been widely used in the production of agricultural products and food as well as research enterprises.

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