2 trolley 500KG/cycle baked food/cooked food/steam food/stuffing food vacuum cooler,fast cooling machine

Product Details:
Brand Name: ALLCOLD
Certification: CE,UL
Model Number: AVCF 500
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 55000-65000
Delivery Time: 30-45 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
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Detail Information

Application: Fast Vacuum Cooling Cooked Food,baked Food,fried Food,steam Food Cooling Time: 10-30 Minutes/cycle
Cooling Capacity: 500kgs/cycle Compressor: Copeland,Bizter,Hanbell
Vacuum Pump: Bush,Leybold,ZD Refrigerant Parts: Danfoss,Franscold
Vacuum Chamber: Stainless Steel Power Sypply: 220-660V
System Weight: 4200kgs Electrical Parts: LS/Omron/Schneider
High Light:

pre cooling of fruits and vegetables


cooler for vegetables

Product Description

2 trolley 500KG/cycle baked food/cooked food/steam food/stuffing food vacuum cooler,fast cooling machine



Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Brief Description


The principle of vacuum cooling is based on rapid evaporation of part of the moisture of the product under vacuum. Vacuum cooling can be used to shorten processing time, extend product shelf life, and improve product quality and safety. Traditionally, vacuum cooling is used in the agricultural industry to pre-cool leafy vegetables and mushroom in order to rapidly remove field heats. Recently, vacuum cooling has been applied to cool viscous food products and bakery products in the food industry, and tuna in the fish industry.



Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Main Feature

1.Fast cooling speed. Cooked food cooled down to 10℃ only need 20-30,baked food cooled down to20℃within in 10-20min.

2.Cooling uniform.Under the vacuum condition, food cooled from core to surface.

3.Two-stage cooling to reduce food water loss. From high temperature to 60℃,food will be rapid cooled to avoid the bacteria fast growth, the second storage will slow cooling to reduce vapor loss, and improvement food flavor.

4.Machine made by stainless steel, suitable food sanitary standard and machine has beautiful appearance.

5.High efficiency and energy-saving.Two-stage cooling and particular water ring pump to reduce running costs.

6.One button operation and troubleshooting auxiliary system.


Read Food Vacuum Cooler Main Components

1. Vacuum chamber--To load your food made by stainless steel.

2. Vacuum system--To takes away the air in vacuum chamber.

3. Refrigeration system--To catch the water vapor in the chamber so as to ensure the continuous cooling process.

4.Control system---To control and show the working condition of the vacuum cooler.


Read Food Vacuum Cooler Main Application field

1.Cooked food:cooked vegetables,mushroom,meat,pork,beef,fish,shrimp etc.

2.Baked food:Moon cake, cake,bread etc.

3.Fried food: fried rice, fried ball,spring roll etc.

4.Steam food:Steam rice,noodles,dumplings,sushi,conserve,steam bun etc.

5.Stuffing food:rice dumpling,stuffing prepared food,moon cake food etc.


Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Models&Specifications


Cooked food/Baked food/fried dood steam food/stuffing food vacuum cooler
Model No. Processing caoacity Vacuum chamber deminsion (mm) Produce weight (kg) Electricity type Total power(KW)
AVCF-30 1 Trolley 800x500x600 20-30 220V-660V/3P 3.2
AVCF-50 1 Trolley 500x800x1000 30-50 220V-660V/3P 5.1
AVCF-100 1 Trolley 750x1000x1850 80-100 220V-660V/3P 9.5
AVCF-150 1 Trolley 850x1050x1950 120-150 220V-660V/3P 13.8
AVCF-200 2 Trolley 850x1250x1950 150-200 220V-660V/3P 16.5
AVCF-300 2 Trolleys 850x1500x1950 250-300 220V-660V/3P 21
AVCF-400 2 Trolleys 850x1800x1950 320-400 220V-660V/3P 28
AVCF-500 2 Trolleys 1200x1800x2200 420-500 220V-660V/3P 35



Talior Ready Food Vacuum Cooler Options

1.Condensor Options:

a. Air cooling condensor b.Water cooling condensor

2.Door Options:

a. Standard swing door b.Horizontal Sliding Door

3.Machine units customized:

a. Integrated machine b.Divided body machine

4.Refrigerant Options:

a.R404a b.R407c


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